$200.00 USD

If you want something done right, learn how to be an excellent delegator

Learn how to put an end to missed deadlines and micromanaging by using your power to empower others for healthier teams and happier employees.

Healthy delegation doesn't just increase our impact or our business opportunity, it also empowers our employees and fosters collaboration.

I’ve been doing it for decades, and I’ve found the most effective delegation always makes space for authentic communication, kindness, and accountability, regardless of whether you’re working with paid staff or volunteers. 

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You manage small or large groups of volunteers
  • You manage small or large groups of staff
  • You work with clients, contractors, or other vendors
  • You have roommates, children, or partners

Basically, if you are in the very normal situation of having to work or live with other humans, this information can help you make that a more pleasant experience for everyone.

You’ll get:

  • Background on what makes excellent delegation purpose-driven work
  • A script you can use for more effective delegation in any area of your life
  • A checklist for ensuring clear communication during the delegation process
  • Troubleshooting guide so that you can be super confident that you know when the process isn’t the problem

Course content: 6 videos, a total of  40 minutes of watch time, and 4 recommended activities.

What People Are Saying:

Lindsay's delegation course was super helpful. Not only do I feel more prepared to 'get things done', but her clear step step-by-step procedure has actually allowed me GET MORE DONE.

Celine Krzan, Community Manager, Memory Fox